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High-quality desktop label printers deliver unmatched reliability and versatility.
Zebra’s Desktop printer family offers a comprehensive choice of direct thermal (LP) and
 thermal transfer (TLP) models for 2-and 4-inch wide printing —each with distinctive characteristics to ensure your specific application is fully satisfied. Small Size with No Compromise in Performance Media loading is simplified thanks to the Open ACCESS® design,
which tucks the printhead into the printer ’s top cover, and provides a clear media window for easy monitoring.
Just drop the media in, shut the cover, and start printing! Maximize workplace efficiency with a
5-inch media roll capacity (for fewer label roll changes) and a space-saving, compact design. Their durable,
dual-wall construction ensures that Desktop series printers will withstand rough handling in
your busy work environment.


 Zebra Direct Thermal Label Printers & Zebra Thermal Transfer Printer

4 Inch print width
Direct Thermal Label Printer
Zebra 2844  $395.00

LP2824 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer 203 dpi, 2.2 Inch Print Width, 4 ips Print Speed, Serial and USB Interfaces $290.00  
TLP2824 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer (203 dpi, 2.2 Inch Print Width, 4 ips Print Speed, Parallel Interface  
TLP 2844-Z Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer (203 dpi, 4.09 in. Print Width, 4 ips Print Speed, Serial, Parallel and USB Interfaces  
TLP 3842 Desktop Label and Receipt Printer (300 dpi, 4.09 Inch Print Width, 2 ips Print Speed, Serial, Parallel and USB Interfaces  
TLP 3844-Z Desktop Thermal Transfer Printer (300 dpi, 4.09 Inch Print Width, 4 ips Print Speed, Serial, Parallel and USB Interfaces, 8MB RAM, 4MB Flash and ZPL Language  
Zebra, S4M, 4" Thermal, On-Demand, Metal Bar Code Printer
Standard printer includes 203 dpi, ZPL, 4MB flash, power cord & plug, media tear bar, & serial, parallel, and USB connectivity. $1190.00

We offer printers from  ZEBRA - DATAMAX  - EPSON - SATO and more!

Zebra thermal transfer ribbon for desktop label printers.   $10.00
ZEB-5319BK06045-ROLL  5319BK06045  05319BK06045


Width Length Part# Labels Per Roll Rolls Per Carton Price Per Roll
Full Cartons only
1.00 3.00 800510-300 500 12 4.00
1.20 0.85 800999-007 1500 12 4.50
2.25 1.25 800522-125 1135 12 7.00
2.25 2.00 800522-205 735 12 7.00
3.00 1.00 800530-105 1380 12 10.50
3.00 2.00 800530-205 735 12 10.50
4.00 1.00 800540-105 1310 12 12.00
4.00 2.00 800540-205 735 12 13.00
4.00 3.00 800540-305 500 12 11.50
4.00 4.00 800540-405 377 12 11.50
4.00 5.00 800540-500 305 12 12.25
4.00 6.00 800540-605 250 12 10.99


Flexible Connectivity
For optimal integration in today ’s networked environments,
select from serial, parallel, and USB interfaces, or opt for
internal Ethernet connectivity via Zebra ’s ZebraNet®
PrintServer II. Zebra ’s ZPL II®

-based desktop printers offer
programming flexibility with ZBI ™ and ZebraLink ™
advanced printer management.
labeling, and coupon and
receipt printing
•E-commerce postage The Desktop series printers
integrate easily into a variety
of mid-to low-volume printing
applications including:
•Warehouse shelf labeling and
inventory control
•Healthcare specimen labeling
Label Printers from Zebra (click printer to see selection with prices)

Zebra Label PrinterZebra is the world's leading manufacturer of bar code label printing systems. Zebra Label Printers, supplies and software are hard at work in all types of companies, big and small. Today over 60% of the Fortune 500 companies in over 80 countries use Zebra Label Printers.


Label Printers from Eltron Zebra Label Printers Click Here

 Eltron Label Printers offer high quality and an affordable price. 

ELTRON is the leading global provider of high quality desktop
bar code labeling products, offering the most affordable and
user-friendly solutions in the industry.

Eltron was founded in 1991 and quickly grew to be known for
excellent innovation and high quality engineering. In 8 years,
over 1 million bar code label printers have been installed at
customer sites worldwide.


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LP/TLP 2824
Ideal for retail and other low-to mid-
volume label applications, the value-
packed, ultra-compact LP/TLP 2824
printers for 2-inch-wide printing redefine
the compact printer class. They fit into
areas other printers can not, while they
optimize productivity with a full 5-inch
media capacity and a maximum print
speed of four inches per second.

LP/TLP 2844
Ideal for applications such as
shipping and receiving, parcel delivery,
warehouse management, retail, and
healthcare, Zebra ’s space-saving
LP/TLP 2844 printers offer efficient
and reliable 4-inch-wide desktop
labeling at an affordable price.
These simple-to-operate, low-
maintenance printers reduce training
requirements and operating costs,
and provide flexible solutions through
a variety of options and accessories.

TLP 3842
The space-saving TLP 3842 desktop
printer, for print widths up to 4 inches,
adds high-resolution print capability to
Zebra ’s popular and proven Desktop
series. The TLP 3842 ’s 300-dpi print-
head enables high-quality, crisp, clear
printing of two-dimensional bar codes,
fine text, and complex graphics —
ensuring high-density data on very
small labels is easy to read and
highly scannable.