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*We are not Pitney Bowes® - We sell Compatible supplies at discount prices with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - We are not Neopost® - Ascom Hasler® or FP® *

     Postage Meter Supplies -Tapes & Ink cartridges for use in Postalia FP, Pitney Bowes®Neopost  and Ascom Hasler®



Are you buying the:

Pitney Bowes® Ink Cartridge?

We offer a replacement cartridges for the:

Pitney Bowes® E700 Postage Meter

 and the

   Pitney Bowes® DM200 & DM300
  Mailing System
DM200i™, DM300i™,
    DM300L™, DM400L™ and DM400i™

These are NEW Cartridges not refilled     800-903-8515

Order #
 Pitney Bowes® #
  New not refilled Compatible Red ink cartridges replacement supplies - not OEM        
Red Ink Cartridges for use in K700 Pitney Bowes® Mailstation
Postage Meter System

Order 3 cartridges and Get 40 free postage tapes.
$32.00 Ea

$56.00/3 Pack
$18.70 Ea
Special Offer:
40 FREE Pinwheel
Postage Tapes
W/ Order
Postage Scales

Red Postage meter Ink Cartridge for use in Pitney Bowes DM200/300/400Pitney Bows Item # 765

48.00 Ea
3+ 38.00
Special Offer:
40 FREE Postage Tapes
W/ Order
Datacard SP35

Photo ID card printing systems
300 Tape Strips 2 per sheet For use in 6200 E200 E500 E600 and DM series
 6 x 1-3/4
10 + $8.95
20 + $6.95

PB# 765-3

Compatible with DM200i™, DM300i™, DM300L™, DM400L™ and DM400i™ Red Ink Cartridge 1 - $48.00 Ea
3 + $38.00
Special Offer:
40 FREE  Postage Tapes
W/ Order

Thermal Roll Label Rewinder
PB# 793-5
NuPost Compatible with Pitney Bows:
DM100®i/DM200™L Red Ink Cartridge
For use in Pitney Bowes postage meters DM100®i, P700, DM200L
1 - $48.00Ea
3 + $42.00 Ea
Special Offer:
40 FREE Pinwheel Postage Tape strips
W/ Order
PB# 627-8
Self adhesive
Postage Tape Rolls for use in:  DM500, DM550, DM800, DM800i™, DM900, DM1000, E100, Paragon
Self Adhesive Tape Rolls, 3 per carton $58.00

5+ $49.00

11+ $39.50


Modity #

Pinwheel postage meter tape 5x5 sheet with 4 labels per sheet 600 labels per box
Use in all postage Meters

6+ 8.50
20+ 6.50
Paper Folders
Postage tape sheets
Post Card size 2 Labels Per sheet 300 labels per box
6+ 8.50
20+ 6.50

Gum Tape rolls pack of 6
for DM800, DM900,DM1000, Galaxy & Paragon mailing system.
Magic Seal
Ideal Seal
Postal Sealing Solution
Compare to Pitney Bowes® E-Z Seal®
Easy Seal
1 Gallon Container
  1 -3 Gallons

4 -19 Gallons

20+ 11.95Ea


Continuous thermal shipping labels for use in Pitney Bowes® Label Printers
J690 - J692 - J693 - J640 - J644 - J645 - J650

TO Order: Call  800-903-8515
Modity Inc.
N60W16500 Kohler Ln

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Postage Meter Ink Cartridges

When you buy a printer, the ink cartridge that is needed for Pitney Bows postal meter model is included with the purchase. There are also instructions as to how to install the cartridge and align the printer for its use. Each printer generally uses a different ink cartridge, so when you purchase a replacement it is of vital importance that you know the brand name and number you are looking for. The professional who deals with red ink cartridges sometimes use specific terms when they are discussing them. A customer may not know what these terms mean and could end up buying the wrong cartridge. Some of these terms are:

OEM ink cartridges are those sold underneath the printer manufacturers name. For example, if you own a HP printer, then the OEM cartridges for your printer will be carrying the HP  name and packaging. Essentially they are the manufacturers ink cartridges, the ones they tell us we all should use

Compatible ink cartridges are aftermarket cartridges developed for your printer. They are manufactured by a company other than the printer manufacturer themselves. These are generic ink cartridges that will fit several different models of printers. Using compatible ink cartridges does void the printer warranty from the manufacturer because most compatible cartridges are of an extremely high standard

Remanufactured ink cartridges are recycled ink cartridges. They go through an extensive process of cleaning and repacking to ensure they are up to, if not in excess, of the manufacturers OEM standards.

Ink cartridges usually last a long time, unless you do an excessive amount of printing.  If you do a lot of printing, it is probably a good idea to purchase several ink cartridges at a time. Some companies provide combo packs, which include three or more cartridges and pinwheel  labels for a cheaper price that purchasing each one separately. Some printers require separate color cartridges for each color, while others have a combination of colors all in one cartridge. When you are buying a new printer, you should always check to see the number of ink cartridges that you will need to buy.